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News: Precision Simulator update 10.92 (26 October 2019) is now available

Author Topic: *Update 04 Aug 19* PFPX Files & Aircraft Model Files for PSX  (Read 11636 times)


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04 Aug 19

PSX Model files Cargolux Fleet additions & reflected in PFPX aircraft files (TNT fleet removed as aircraft transferred to CLX)

All PSX Model Type Files now available to download.

Formerly available here:


All GE Aircraft Type Files - v1.5

All PW Aircraft Type Files -v1.5

All RR Aircraft Type Files - v1.5

If you are interested you can email me & I will send you a link to all these the Dropbox files.

With Hardy now looking toward the implementation of a PSX based & flight planning software linked solution to the PSX world wide Upper Winds & Wind Uplink issue I am in a position to make available a pretty varied selection of my own personal PFPX B744 FlightPlan Templates, Aircraft Performance Files, Aircraft Fleets & Airline Fuel Policies, they are not available on the Aerosoft Support Forum.

AirBridgeCargo OFP Template, ABW B744F/ERF fleet

Asiana OFP Template, Asiana B744/F Fleet

BAW CIRRUS OFP Template, BAW B744 Fleet & Fuel Policies

Cathay Pacific OFP Template, CPA B744ERF Fleet & Fuel Policy

Cargolux OFP Template, CLX B744F Fleet

China Airlines OFP Template, CAL B744/F Fleet

El Al Airlines OFP Template, ELY B744/F Fleet

Lufthansa OFP Template, DLH B744 Fleet

GTI/PAC OFP Template, B744 FLEET

Kallitta OFP Template, CKS B744F Fleet

KLM OFP Template, KLM B744/F Fleet

Korean Airlines OFP Template, KAL B744/F Fleet

Martinair OFP Template, Martinair Fleet.

Singapore Airlines Cargo OFP Template, SQC B744F Fleet, SQC B744F Fuel Policy

UPS OFP Template, UPS B744 Fleet

Qantas Airlines OFP Templates, QFA B744/ER Fleet & Fuel Policies

Virgin Atlantic OFP Template, VIR B744F Fleet

These templates are only really suitable for 4 engine aircraft & will not work correctly with twin engine aircraft.
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Hardy Heinlin

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In light of this variety, I must ask again: Would you consider the UPS, Cirrus, Lido, and Asiana formats the most popular ones?




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Dont get confused about the wind data output ... PFPX can only create the formats I have shown you - Huey Louie & Dewie.

They get inserted into whichever template I write DLH, ABW, VIR SQC etc .... all of the above list contain either Huey Louie or Dewie.

There are some OFPs out in the real world don't have wind data blocks, the wind data is loaded in real life via data link - imagine that!  DLH is one of them ... I have added a Huey Louie or Dewie to that template to make it easier for the virtual pilot.

Remember I showed you with a series of screen shots that the PFPX user can switch between formats to display Huey Louie or Dewie (so the wind data can be copied as a txt file) before the user commits to choosing the OFP format, filing, releasing & printing the flight plan.
Steve Bell
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Hardy Heinlin

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I see. Thanks.

Meanwhile we have four aloft formats, not three, right? (The Simbrief sample is just another Cirrus.) I guess the fourth one is then Uncle Donald.


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Uncle Donald - yes!

I have just discovered a further format amongst the array of PFPX syntax .... its a very basic one ... it does appear in some default PFPX OFP templates that come shipped with the product ... it might be safer to include it .... can I post it as code in the original thread?

Apologies for missing it ... I dont normally use the format - hence the reason I missed it.

Its now posted in the original thread.
Steve Bell
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Michel Vandaele

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I'm very interested in the templates, but can't find any email.
Can you please send it to me .
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You have email.

You can find email addresses & even send email to them in this forum by clicking on the envelope as indicated in the picture below:

Steve Bell
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Thank you for the files! Much appreciated!

Hessel Oosten

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 + 1

(Ehhh….  5 big zip files).

Thanks Steve !



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Thanks for the files Steve!!



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Many thanks, Steve — much appreciated!     :)


(Author of "The Big Tutorial" for PS1, and "Getting started with PSX" Parts 1, 2, and 3).


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Many thanks Steve! I really appreciate your effort. :)  8)


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Many thanks for the templates


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Many thanks, Steve. I really appreciate your great work.



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thank you Steve. Really appreciate the work which as gone in to these files


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Many Thx Steve !

Just sent my email request :-)

Walter Kranl

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Hi Steve!

Thank you very much for the files!



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Hi Steve,
Many thanks fpr the files, appreciate your hard work.



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Thank you Steve!

Many detailed 747s and OFPs. Great contribution to PSX & PFPX users.


Frans Spruit

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Hi Steve,

Thank you very much for the files.
Great job.

Frans Spruit