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News: Precision Simulator update 10.92 (26 October 2019) is now available

Author Topic: Precision Simulator 10 - Requirements, release, retail  (Read 36758 times)

Hardy Heinlin

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Good morning,

the following systems are required to run Precision Simulator 10 (PSX):

Java version 1.6, or 1.7, or a higher compatible version. If Java is not already installed on your computer, it can be downloaded free of charge from java.com.

Apple OS X, or Microsoft Windows, or Linux or any other operating system that supports one of the above Java versions, and that includes a PDF reader for viewing the operations manual. (PDF readers are also available in the Internet.)

A monitor with at least 800 x 800 pixels. Undersized monitors can be used as well—for example, to display certain small flight deck sections on networked monitors—, but the instructor screen will then be cropped, and should then be displayed on a second, suitable monitor.

Dual-core or multi-core microprocessor, running at 2.5 GHz or higher.

4 GB RAM or more.

3 GB free hard disk space.

A keyboard, ideally one that includes a numeric keypad.

A mouse, or any similar pointing device.

Access to a DVD drive is required for the initial installation.

USB yokes, sticks, pedals, throttles, buttons, and other USB inputs.
Add-on software & hardware compatible with the Aerowinx TCP/IP network.

Note: Java utilizes hardware acceleration for the graphics. Hence, the frame rates in the simulator are very high, typically ranging from 30 to 70 fps.

Suggested retail price:

347 Euro incl. VAT for one license (allows up to four copies within a flight deck mockup or within an academy/airline classroom).

Release schedule:

August 2014.



Distribution media:

DVD only. If you see it for download somewhere, it's a pirate. Please report when you see illegal offers. We do not tolerate piracy.

Preview of the manual:

Click here to download a preview of the Operations Manual; the preview shows about 50% of the aircraft related chapters, and all of the chapter Simulator Handling.


Unwrapping the sealed Aerowinx Precision Simulator (PSX) product, and then reselling the End User License, will infringe the End User License Agreement (EULA).

See End User License Agreement on the shrink-wrapped product or in the preview of the manual.

If you see an unwrapped PSX product on Ebay or elsewhere, it is an infringement on the End User License Agreement.

End users and buyers who ignore the End User License Agreement will take the respective consequences. For example, the invalidation of the agreement also means the invalidation of the right to make FOUR copies for a mockup network. The right on four copies is an agreement based bonus, and not a standard right by law.

Every DVD has a license number.

Thank you!

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