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Precision Simulator update 10.129 (11 November 2020) is now available.
Aerowinx NG FMC and More is now released.

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Hangar 7 / Re: RNP Requirements
« Last post by dhob on Sat, 21 Nov 2020 03:31 »
     PBN and GPS are too vague to answer your question. The 747-400 with the Legacy or NGFMC can fly PBN RNP Specification RNAV (GPS) approaches. These approaches use a different nomenclature in Europe, and are labeled RNP approaches. In Asia they can be titled RNAV (GNSS). The RNP required to fly these approaches is 0.3 NM, and are covered under AC 90-105A Appendix A: Required Navigation Performance Approach (RNP APCH) Operations.

     RNP AR, or Required Navigation Performance Authorization Required, fall under AC 90-101A, Approval Guidance for RNP Procedures with AR. Part 121 operators must have OpSpec C384 approval to fly these approaches. The approaches are titled RNAV (RNP) in the US, and RNP AR under EASA rules. Currently the 747-8 is certified to fly these approaches and the AFM (Airplane Flight Manual) includes a statement the demonstrated RNP capabilities are covered in Boeing Document D926U050, which listed the 747-8 is in compliance with AC90-101A. The 747-400 with the NGFMC is not listed as complaint with AC 90-101A.

     We are currently working with Boeing to certify the 747-400 for RNP AR approaches which requires flight tests to collect FTE data. Once this is done, the 747-400 will be eligible to fly the RNP AR approaches, but without TOGA to LNAV, will be limited to approaches with missed approach procedures have an RNP requirement of 1.0 NM. The FTE data will determine the minimum RNP value, which could be as low as 0.1 NM.

     Further, we have switched our MMR (multi-mode receiver) from ABAS to GBAS WAAS based. This will preclude the requirement for a RAIM check.

     Finally GBAS GLS approaches are a completely different category. These fall under AC 120-118, which cover Category I/II/III approaches. Only the 747-8 is equipped for these approaches. The 747-400 would require a significant equipment upgrade and re-certification to be able to fly GLS approaches. ICAO and FAA are now using the nomenclature xLS approaches, which include ILS, GLS, and MLS approaches. All flown identical to ILS approaches. Also the GLS approaches require a LAAS to generate the approach path.

     In summary:
RNP APCH: Both 747-8 and 747-400 approved down to 0.3 NM
RNP AR: Currently 747-8 is certified, RNP 0.1 NM. 747-400 approval coming, RNP less than 0.3 NM to 0.1 NM.
GLS Approach: 747-8 only.
Accessories / Re: Posky 747-400 models for MSFS, PSX and WidePSX
« Last post by Hardy Heinlin on Sat, 21 Nov 2020 01:13 »
Hi 18hazelwood,

I just watched some parts of your Testing Stream on youTube. Thank you!

A technical question regarding the audio in the test video:

Just to understand what I hear in the video: Did you intentionally mute all aircraft sounds except for the engine sounds? I think the engine "whine" is too loud relative to the rest; normally, inside a real 747 flight deck, it can't be that loud. Is this "whine" generated by the MSFS outside view simulation?

I'm referring to this section in your video: https://youtu.be/6A0Px8O1mmA?t=2234

Also: The original PSX air conditioning noise, equipment cooling noise, packs, recirculation fans and ram air noise seem to be muted. They are in the 2nd and 3rd sound group on the PSX Audio page. Did you deselect these two sound groups intentionally?

Or vice versa: Did you increase the volume in the WAV files that contain the engine "whine"?


Accessories / Re: Additional ATC voices( what to expect)
« Last post by Hardy Heinlin on Sat, 21 Nov 2020 00:52 »
Hi Ivo,

thank you!

In your video the selections of the checkboxes on the Instructor screen don't agree with the selected voices which one can hear in the video. Is this a problem in the video recording or does your original PSX look like this?

I also noticed there is an RTF file on the ATIS list and PSX thinks it's one of the ATC sound folders. Hope this won't crash your PSX :-) The ATC folder should just contain related voice subfolders, no text files.


Accessories / Re: Posky 747-400 models for MSFS, PSX and WidePSX
« Last post by funkyhut on Sat, 21 Nov 2020 00:32 »

For the views in @cavaricooper's wonderful photographs, please checkout the instructions here: https://discord.com/channels/778190120888041513/778913579587207230

Many Thanks.
Hangar 7 / Re: Copilot sound volume
« Last post by Hardy Heinlin on Sat, 21 Nov 2020 00:29 »

"much much lower" than the aircraft sounds? That's bizarre. Are you using just the left or just the right stereo channel for the pilot's voice? Or both, and does your stereo system use some kind of stereo width expander that makes all sounds in the stereo center softer?

Anyway, you can increase a pilot's sound volume yourself. For example, "BAW 1 - Sarah":

Open the file "Aerowinx/Audio/Pilots/BAW 1 - Sarah.pilot" with a text editor. The text starts like this:


[Aerowinx Precision Simulator - PNF]
[Version 10.0.2]




Change the "Volume=40" text line to "Volume=99", then save the file.

I understand there are different tastes and rooms, and some guys may need a copilot "a bit" louder than the other flight deck sounds. But again, if you say your pilot's sound is "much much lower", then there must be something wrong with your general audio system, I guess.

Hangar 7 / Copilot sound volume
« Last post by dvflight1974 on Fri, 20 Nov 2020 22:55 »
Hello Hardy!

Thank you for the amazing simulation! I would like to add the following though
I have a pretty beefy sound system connected to my computer but still find the voices of co-pilots to be much much lower than that of the actual aircraft sounds. Could you increase the volume of the sound files for those co-pilots  because I honestly have to listen carefully to what they say and in most cases miss the call out completely! Some of them are louder than others but largely most are really soft
Accessories / Re: Posky 747-400 models for MSFS, PSX and WidePSX
« Last post by dvflight1974 on Fri, 20 Nov 2020 22:24 »
Here's another beauty :-) So if there's someone who can figure out the lights it will be like Xmas for me
Accessories / Re: Posky 747-400 models for MSFS, PSX and WidePSX
« Last post by dvflight1974 on Fri, 20 Nov 2020 22:16 »
This is how it look right now - It's awesome - I have aligned the lights and just left with a pain where the nav lights just dont flex with the wings
Accessories / Re: Posky 747-400 models for MSFS, PSX and WidePSX
« Last post by dvflight1974 on Fri, 20 Nov 2020 21:36 »
Hello Guys! So I'm reaching out to the community in hopes I can find someone clever enough to figure this out. I'm really loving PSX connected into MSFS - that said with the Cargolux model shared by you guys it's nice but the lack of shiny textures doesn't do things justice. It doesn't feel metallic. Good news though! I have a version here with shiny textures and a whole bunch of different liveries and love it BUT the lights on it are off-kilter - On the ground, everything lines up nicely but when the wings flex the nav lights don't flex with the wings which is again an immersion "killer" Is there someone clever enough here that can resolve that by editing the model?
 I wish I could share an image here but seems the forum doesnt have an upload image function I'm click the insert image function but all it does is this
Accessories / Re: Posky 747-400 models for MSFS, PSX and WidePSX
« Last post by funkyhut on Fri, 20 Nov 2020 20:09 »
If you zoom the external and drone view in MSFS to about 80% it will reduce the fisheye effect.
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