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Precision Simulator update 10.129 (11 November 2020) is now available.
Aerowinx NG FMC and More is now released.

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Pit / Re: Discovery or invention?
« Last post by Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers on Thu, 26 Nov 2020 23:49 »
In (software) engineering, there is a concept of pattern.

What the engineer, or composer, discovers is a pattern. If this general pattern is followed, something seems to happen -- like an evocation of an emotion, or a flexible yet maintainable software component. You can learn patterns from a teacher. You can learn that they work, and maybe understand why. You can write books about patterns.

The construction of a particular kind of this pattern, is the creative work of art. Although a teacher can help, it isn't typically material to write a book about.

And then comes the lick.
Members, Happy Thanksgiving to all...
I am trying to gather your thoughts, experience and best practices using Xview to connect between PSX and Xplane.
Here is what's happening.

1) I launch PSX with a situation (which is usually a final approach with about 10 nautical miles before touchdown), then Xplane 11 (11.50) and load PSX plane in Xplane11
2) It has been taking about 15 secs for the Xplane 11 to connect. Initially, it loads the plane taking a nosedive. Which I correct it by reloading the plugins (in Xplane). By this time, 25 secs would have already lapsed. The plane in AEROWINX PSX would be at around Decision height
3) I am practicing hand flying the final approach. That experience is taking a nose dive when I am using Xview and Xplane

When I am running the simulations, I make sure there are no other computer applications (like virus scans, background processes not related to PSX and Xplane) are running. Do you (users with Xplane 11 experience) also face similar issues at the time of simulator (Xplane 11) launch when PSX is already running? Or I am the odd one out??

Do you have any suggestions for me and cut down the 25 secs connection time? My AEROWINX PSX preferences are set to run with "Start with main server on" and "Start with boost server on"
Pit / Re: Discovery or invention?
« Last post by Hardy Heinlin on Thu, 26 Nov 2020 22:33 »
I think so too, and the word "composer" is an ideal description in this case. He assembled components.

I think the work of a composer is a mix of two actions:
1. Discovering emotional functions (that are not invented by humans).
2. Composing a mosaic of such functions (partially planned, partially by accident).
Pit / Re: Discovery or invention?
« Last post by Will on Thu, 26 Nov 2020 22:13 »
With Figaro, the building blocks were always there... the intervals between the notes were always there, waiting for people to discover and describe.

But Figaro itself didn't always exist, because it is an assembly of those intervals in a particular order. That took creativity, and without Mozart, we wouldn't have it to listen to. I find it helpful to think of Mozart's activity in composing music to be creating something that didn't exist before, as opposed to uncovering something that was always there: pre-Mozart, nobody had ever assembled notes and intervals in a way that was Figaro.

Just like wood, canvas, leather, and metal existed, but it took Lilienthal to make a glider out of them.
Hangar 7 / Re: Any A330 drivers/trainers/engineers here?
« Last post by cpt_oliver on Thu, 26 Nov 2020 21:59 »
According to the books SATCOM as a status message is annunciated with the following

"Triggering conditions:
This alert triggers when voice and data communications via SATCOM are inoperative"

It is only crew awareness and you cannot get rid of it as long as the condition is present. Once you regain Voice comm it changes to SATCOM DATA , the moment you get data and voice communication again it will disappear.

I hope this is of any help-greetings to Florida

Accessories / Re: Using Simfest Planning Portal For World Flight
« Last post by Hardy Heinlin on Thu, 26 Nov 2020 21:46 »
And then over to the Amazon marketplace.
Hey, contractors also pay for their expenses, right? Let's include the fuel bill in their fee. They can bid for a slot on a RFQ basis and we'll auction the schedule this way.

Next step is we're going to promote them to owner-operator of their aircraft, like truckers.
Pit / Re: Discovery or invention?
« Last post by Hardy Heinlin on Thu, 26 Nov 2020 21:24 »
Good points.

If the correlation a²+b²=c² is an existence, is this existence mathematical or empirical?

If a²+b²=c² is empirical, it could be an illusion. But a²+b²=c² is independent of natural senses and resonances.

If a²+b²=c² is an existence, when did it start to exist? Was it born with the big bang (assuming the theory is valid), or was it one of the many timeless conditions that enabled the big bang to be the first acausal event on the time line? I would say a²+b²=c² is timeless, and therefore not an existence. It's not a thing per se. It's something metaphysical.

Is the score of the Figaro an existence? It's a sequence of intervals, of correlations. Correlations are correlations even when human resonators are absent.

What makes a melody beautiful? Certain correlations trigger certain emotions in the mind of humans, dogs, cats, birds and so on. The so-called "golden ratio" is a good example of such a correlation; it occurs in visual and acoustical media. It's "just beautiful".

So, beauty seems to be based on mathematical correlations that are not invented by humans. One cannot ask when these laws started to exist, because in this case "existence" is not a category at all.

If the correlation a²+b²=c² has always been there, timeless, independent of the world, then Mozart's Figaro correlations have always been there too, timeless, independent of the world.



A little analogy:

Christopher Columbus discovered America, they say. "Discovered", because in the mind of the Europeans of the 15th century, America did not exist.

In the mind of the native Americans of the 15th century, America did exist. From their point of view, Christopher Columbus invented America. In fact, he re-invented India :-)
Pit / Re: Discovery or invention?
« Last post by martin on Thu, 26 Nov 2020 20:23 »
Quote from: Hardy
suddenly in that person's mind the correlation a²+b²=c² occurred. Was this correlation a human discovery or was it a human invention?

It's a resonance between two elements of the same system.
So who's to say which one is the resonator and which one the resonee?

 ((((( :P ()()()()() e=mcc  )))))


(I can't possibly speak for Mozart, though.)
Accessories / Re: Using Simfest Planning Portal For World Flight
« Last post by Toga on Thu, 26 Nov 2020 20:22 »
"All current line pilots are required to pay for their own OFPs before dispatch. Re-dispatching will be charged 10x the normal rate." Can just see the NTC now.
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