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Precision Simulator update 10.126 (12 September 2020) is now available.
Aerowinx NG FMC and More is now released.

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You guys are amazing. Thank you for your constant research of realism and improvement, this is a gift for a developer to have such a great community pushing behind. Your integration with MSFS is just : WoW !

A new WidePSX 2.5 version which will be specific for MSFS "2020" usage is coming. As you know, even if the actual 2.0 version works fine with MSFS, many features are no longer necessary and an application (and code) cleanup is necessary. I am also looking for new features if technically possible.

Of course, this new version will be free for all the current registered users. I will never charge for any update, big or small. Here is the development roadmap :

- There will be two versions of WidePSX in the packages. I think it will be more comprehensive than a single version with many options for FSX/P3D/MSFS users. So the actual 2.0 version will remain as is for FSX/P3D usage, and a new 2.5 version will be released for MSFS specific usage.
- Application and code cleanup to remove features which are no longer necessary with MSFS (offsets,...)
- Some people from WidePSX community are currently working to provide a 747-400 model compatible with MSFS and WidePSX. If such a model were available, I will of course have a look at how to interface with WidePSX. However, the MSFS default 747-8 model does already a fantastic job for the windshield view, as the members video shows.
- Landing and taxi lights are very important for the windshield view realism. WidePSX 2.5 will switch the default 747-8 lights on and off according with PSX switches position.
- Windshield heaters : With MSFS icing simulation, it is important to have the MSFS 747-8 windshield heaters linked with PSX. If it is technically possible I will add this new feature in WidePSX 2.5. I will also have a look at the wing/engines anti-ice as a bonus (external view)
- Finally I will write a new user manual specific for WidePSX 2.5 and MSFS

Best regards,
Hangar 7 / Re: Reference Speed on Speed tape and Landing Zone indicator...
« Last post by G-CIVA on Wed, 23 Sep 2020 08:12 »
Thanks Hardy.

With regard to the Aileron Trim ... my bad! That’s what happens when a cat creeps across your PSX keyboard in an attempt to find a lap on a dark & stormy approach in the middle of the night while hand flying & you don’t have time to slide up the pedestal panel on another monitor to reset things!

 :D :D
See my reply #7 above: http://aerowinx.com/board/index.php?topic=6066.msg65558#msg65558

Your case is similar. Your origin is still RKSI (not KLAX), so the reference elevation is circa 25 feet (RKSI) instead of 100 feet (KLAX). The reset seems to be skipped when the touchdown occurs very quickly after passing the E/D. I think this problem was introduced with version 10.123, not 10.126. As I wrote in reply #7, I'm working on another, related modification anyway.



(Aileron trim has never been on the USB list.)
Nice setup indeed, good video too showing your setup
Well done to you and it looks great.

As for the view in the cockpit Will there are many different ways to have it looking, MSFS 2020 has many options to get the right look and feel, the default zoom and height for the cockpit etc are slider bars in the graphics settings and can be changed on the fly....up, down , Zoom etc.

Hangar 7 / Re: Reference Speed on Speed tape and Landing Zone indicator...
« Last post by G-CIVA on Wed, 23 Sep 2020 07:31 »
Since the last update 10.126 I have experienced  successive & continuous anomalies with the actual altitude of the aircraft on touchdown vs TDZ displayed on the ALT Tape on the PFD.

ALT Tape on the PFD does display at the correct TDZ elevation for the LDG RWY as selected in the ARR Pages, see this image from a recent landing, whilst the aircraft appears to remain at the Arpt Elevation AMSL:

Example, RWY25L KLAX RWY TDZE 104' ARPT elev 128'

Additionally, did we once have the facilty to select Aileron Trim to a Yoke/Joystick button or connected controller?


I have sent you a .situ file
With thanks to Steve and J-P, here is what I've managed to do, bringing in Navigraph Charts and Pilot2ATC which work because they are linked to MSFS.
(This setup does work because I taxied from the runway threshold to this position but I've yet to discover how to make videos from the screen.)


Will, it should be possible to narrow the view by playing with the resolution in MSFS.
[EDIT] Resetting POV in MSFS General Settings corrects the view (I think).

Many Thanks.
The "world sim" views delivered by MSFS look pretty good. But the MSFS out-the-windshield view looks a little off, like it's a movie shot with a wide angle lens, instead of what one would see sitting in a cockpit. Maybe that's just my impression watching these videos and not running my own MSFS installation. Thoughts?
Aerowinx MSFS 2020 20min Demo around EGCC Area.

Different weather, MSFS 747 wipers in rain, Window Icing, up through cloud and down again etc...

Just testing... but so far so good ... thumbs up ;)

Thanks for this info... :-)Hopkinsstevea
Here is a link for an excellent free Borderless window application I use it for x-plane and it works really well,The download is at the top of the page.
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