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I think a user selectable would be better. I notice tyre smoke appears if brake is set when aircraft is moved... Maybe just me though :)

Accessories / 747 yoke
« Last post by MANAOSIM on Wed, 16 Jan 2019 21:56 »
Hello to all

do you know where I can find a double yokes 747 for my sim? I'm starting building a 747-400 sim and I want to start with the yokes. I found on the opencockpits web site a double yokes but it is for the 737. I'm not sure that part will be ok for the 747 ( I mean the distance between the two yokes)

Thanks for your answer

Pierre Marie

During my tests I noticed in some (few) FSX/P3D sceneries the aircraft was shaking up and down on the ground, even when it was stopped. I found the issue origin came from FSX/P3D as the ground elevation sent through SimConnect was not constant but moving around its normal value, even when the aircraft was not moving. As WidePSX injects a constant aircraft elevation above the ground, if the ground itself is moving up and down, the aircraft will also move up and down.

I only saw this issue at a very few sceneries, but it exists, and I need to fix it. Unfortunately it is very hard to fix at the WidePSX side, as the origin of the issue comes from FSX/P3D itself. All the solutions I tried have too important side effects.

The only solution available at this time will be to disable the parking brake synchronization. When the FSX/P3D parking brake is forced to « SET » position, the aircraft stops shaking up and down. There is no problem to taxi with the parking brake set in FSX/P3D as WidePSX has the total control over the aircraft movements.

So my questions are :

- Let me know if you ever seen the aircraft shaking up and down when using WidePSX latest version.
- Will the parking brake synchronization disabling, and a constant parking brake set in FSX/P3D be an issue for you ?

Depending of your feedback I will decide to implement a user selectable option, or a hard coding parking brake set command at WidePSX connection. The second option is already implemented here and works.

Thank you for your feedbacks and contribution.

Best regards,
Accessories / Re: What If ?
« Last post by jcomm on Wed, 16 Jan 2019 21:21 »

sorry for that...

Thought the new A380 on it looked even closer to a 744 3d model to fit Aerowinx PSX, as used in other platforms ( FSX / P3D / XP ).
Hangar 7 / Re: Earth's magnetic field
« Last post by Hardy Heinlin on Wed, 16 Jan 2019 21:19 »
... and a small telescope (Galilean satellite eclipses for longitude determination).

Sounds interesting. Why wouldn't you use the chronometer and a star map to determine your longitude? Is it to check the chronometer's accuracy?



P.S.: Are there any GPS and gyro based compasses that determine the true heading solely by recording the GPS position progress and translating this record to a long term direction reference stored in a gyro? If so, I guess the precision of this device will depend on how far you travelled since the last activation of the device; without a position progress the device cannot determine any heading at all.
Accessories / Re: New variant of PSX_Tellurium available
« Last post by Steve Hose on Wed, 16 Jan 2019 20:53 »

Hi, I am running the latest JRE 1.8.0_201 under Windows 10 and have no issues. I could suggest completely uninstalling Java and then just install the latest JRE and see how you go. Neither PSX nor PSX_Tellurium require this 1.8.0_201, but it might fix any 'gremlins' with your Java install. Do you happen to also have the Java Development Kit installed as well? If so, try removing that too before you install the run-time environment. You may want to have a back up of an older Java version ready in case you need to roll back.


Hi, there are many utilities to run windows on top in either Win 10 or OSX, some payware some free. In Win 10 I use DeskSoft WindowManager, which has a free trial period if you would like to try it. I'm not affiliated with it in any way, I use it because it allows me to configure options for many windows at once.

Regards, Steve.

Hangar 7 / Re: Earth's magnetic field
« Last post by torrence on Wed, 16 Jan 2019 20:41 »
Magnetic compasses etc. may seem out of date in a 'GPS world' indeed.  But it's worth remembering that machines and electronic can break, satellites may fail (or be shut down).  In a post-apocalyptic world my survival kit would include (at least): magnetic compass, slide rule, Nautical Almanac, C&H handbook (math and trig tables), current world map (waterproofed), a nautical chronometer, and a small telescope (Galilean satellite eclipses for longitude determination).  I heard an interview with the chap who recently completed a solo walk to the S. Pole - he said he used his hand magnetic compass to keep walking straight in bad visibility conditions.

Accessories / Re: New variant of PSX_Tellurium available
« Last post by martin on Wed, 16 Jan 2019 19:52 »
Quote from: JohnH
Is their a way to have PSX_T always on top?

Well, for Windows, this three year old post might still help (do note the caveats).

Probably there is something newer* and probably also for (i)Macs, though...


* running in "The Cloud", no doubt, and phoning home every ten minutes.
(I'm not paranoid; I just had to install Office 365; merely for support purposes, mind you...)

Accessories / Re: New variant of PSX_Tellurium available
« Last post by JohnH on Wed, 16 Jan 2019 19:32 »
Hi Martin and Steve

Thanks for the update to PSX Tellurium, I am using it on an iMac and runs very well with no impact on PSX frame rate!

I noticed in the picture posted by Steve that he has the PSX_T in front of the PSX display. When I try to do that and click on the PSX display the PSX_T screen moves to the background and is not visible. Is their a way to have PSX_T always on top?

Hangar 7 / Re: IRS DC FAIL
« Last post by Hardy Heinlin on Wed, 16 Jan 2019 18:44 »
I'm not sure why the "when first turned on" is added.

Perhaps because when the total discharge happens in flight, you want to keep the charger powering the bus and ignore the battery costs; and when it happens at the gate you have the chance to replace that battery.


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