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Pit / Re: Basic situ file loading?
« Last post by Hardy Heinlin on Sat, 24 Mar 2018 19:01 »

sorry to read this, I've never heard of such a problem in the past 9 years.

What version of PSX are you using, and what Java version, what Windows or OSX version? How much RAM does your computer provide, and what type of graphic card?

Basic situ files are just like any other situ files on the DVD. It's probably just coincidence if your problem occurred when loading a basic situ file.

When this problem occurs, what's reported in Aerowinx/Logs/errors.txt?



(I'll move this thread to the "Hangar 7" subforum.)
Pit / Basic situ file loading?
« Last post by crp001 on Sat, 24 Mar 2018 18:32 »
hi everyone,

Quick question, new to psx and having trouble loading the basic situ's, every time I load one I get a brown screen, probably a very simple fix but I am not sure what I am doing wrong? Can anyone shed any light on this? other Situ's load and simulator works well on my laptop?

thanks in advance


I built a 3 aircraft liveries package with the panel and model folders for all the 14 Project Opensky model versions. Panel and model folders are the FSX version which is required by WidePSX. You just have to extract the archive and place the WidePSX_747 folder in your FSX or P3D SimObject\Airplanes folder. There is a .txt file included which explain the procedure to add your own liveries.

This should definitively answer questions about model compatibility.


Best regards,

- Did you use a previous version of WidePSX with the exact same configuration without issue or is it your first use of WidePSX ?

- Which version of WidePSX are you using ?

- Did you build the runways.csv file correctly according with the user manual procedure ? There is a special procedure for P3D v4 users detailed in the manual.

Best regards,
Hi Jean-philippe,

I am having some issues...

I have got the simconnect working fine and the sim seems to be in sink with PSX, however;
1. All seems fine taxing around etc, but when I climb out and get above around 1000ft and above The screen flickers as if I`m on the ground and them flips back in the air above every 2-3 seconds, I can only assume this is some offset issue that I am having?

2. Can you send me a file of a 747 that is compatible with P3Dv4.2 (obviously a free version that works with lights, flaps gear etc? or a link where I can just get one?

Many thanks.

Version 1.0.6 is up. Registered users received a private download link by email, free trial version users may download a new package here : http://widesimulation.com/download/widepsx-trial-version/

What's new in version 1.0.6 ?

- Allow user to start the ground services module in flight without need to fill the boxes in the user interface. It was irrelevant as the aircraft is already in flight. When starting the module while in flight, the robot will switch to "Arrival phase standing by" status until the aircraft has landed.

- Bug fixed when reloading a PSX SITU were aircraft is airborne, with option "PSX is slave" selected in WidePSX, and SimBridge already running. Some variables were not reset properly.

- Avoid launching SimBridge when option "PSX is slave" is selected, and if PSX and/or FSX/P3D aircraft are not on the ground. In this case an error message box is displayed.

- Time between every check of PSX time change to be sent to FSX/P3D modified from 5 to 10 seconds.

- Aircraft height algorithm when loading a SITU on ground reworked.

- When starting SimBridge module with "PSX is slave" option, FSX/P3D GMT time and date are sent to PSX.

I think this last change is "logic" as we want to assign FSX/P3D position to PSX, it is normal to assign FSX/P3D time to PSX also. However after the loading process it is still possible to change PSX time in the instructor station, the change will be sent to FSX/P3D.

The position and time synchronization process when "PSX is slave" option is selected is a "one shot" process, only active at the Scenery Generator Bridge startup. After this first synchronization, FSX/P3D is always the "slave", whatever the startup alignment slave setting is (PSX or FSX/P3D).

Best regards,
Hangar 7 / Re: Callouts
« Last post by peb on Sat, 24 Mar 2018 04:43 »
Aha.  Thanks very much Will and for your quick reply. At least I have learned yet more about PSX so am getting there .. slowly.
Hangar 7 / Re: Callouts
« Last post by Will on Fri, 23 Mar 2018 18:13 »
Hi peb,

I'm glad you got things up and working with your atudio files! At this point, all seems like it's working as it should.

When you let the virtual pilot perform the takeoff, you actually become the pilot not flying (PNF), and so you won't hear your pilot making the PNF callouts. Instead, you would make the PNF calls yourself, so that your flying pilot could concentrate on performing the takeoff.

So again, if you are the PNF, then you would say, out loud, with your actual voice, "Power Set" and "80 knots" and so on.

Those 19xx.wav files are played because those are pilot flying (PF) callouts suitable to that phase of flight. For example, the flying pilot asks for the gear to be set UP, and says "checked" when you say "80 knots."

Or put another way, 1010, 1020, etc. are the PNF calls. 1900-1903 are the PF calls. When you let the virtual pilot perform the takeoff, the computer will say the PF calls (only). When you perform the takeoff, you are the PF, so the computer says the PNF calls.

See also the manual, version 10.1.7, on page 47.
Hangar 7 / Callouts
« Last post by peb on Fri, 23 Mar 2018 17:30 »
I have created a .pilot file (by copying and modifying existing) and a corresponding folder containing all the required Callout and Checklist .wav files, all exactly as per Will's tutorial.

Everything seems ok when my pilot is selected with all my Callout and Checklist entries appearing correctly in the Instructor Panel Situation/Human/Pilot screen.  Plus I can 'step' through all the Checklists and each wav file plays as intended so all is good I thought.

However when I select a takeoff Situation (to test some of the Callouts), select the correct aircraft and select my pilot, despite the Instructor Panel showing all my Callouts and Checklists to be present, when I initiate 'automatic' takeoff (being lazy), my intended Callouts don't happen - but some others do!

In my folder I have included wav files 1801-1805, 1850, 1900-1903 because I have seen them in other pilot folders even though I don't know how or when they are used. It appears that files 1901,2 and 3 are being played instead of 1010, 1020, etc.

Could this be correct or put another way, how or when are the files 1801 to 1903 used and do they take precedence over other Callout files?

Sorry if this has been answered before.

Thanks for any help.
Accessories / Re: CP Flight MCP dissconeting from Aerowinx
« Last post by Jurgen on Fri, 23 Mar 2018 03:17 »
Hi Gents,

There is to my knowledge no error in the Aerowinx log and it runs smoothly at normal frame rates, but will double check the file again. The UPS is online. CP flight finally came about and asked for a log file, so lets see what they say about.

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