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Although I've been working non-stop as fast as I can, the plan to release PSX in 2010 was a bit too optimistic, unfortunately. The project is so huge, I need more time. I'm sorry.
- Best wishes, Hardy Heinlin, 20 February 2010.

I was wrong twice. When Precision Simulator was first released in 1997, I never thought this old DOS program would remain on the market until 2008. But it did. - And when I had retired from the world of software development a couple of years ago, I couldn't imagine I would be doing this job ever again. Well, since summer 2008 I've been doing it again. Virtually overnight I got inspired by new technologies, had a burst of creativity and as a result: the front part of the new flight deck, the hardest part, is already finished. The new Precision Simulator is photorealistically painted, sharp, zoomable, pannable, dividable and animated at high frame rates. Many well-tried and tested systems from the last version will be carried over, extended, and new systems will be developed as well. Various network features, too, will be added to PSX - pronounced: PS Ten - this is the name of the new version due to its extreme advances over the last one, and because its release is scheduled for 2010. PSX runs on Windows, Mac OSX and other platforms. More news later...
- Best regards, Hardy Heinlin, 27 December 2008.

If you have questions: 744 Forum.
Tip for PS1 users: Ivan Ngeow wrote a patch that fixes the daylight savings time problem which didn't let the sim start up after a clock change.

Starting in 1995, Aerowinx was first promoted to the international market in 1996. Aerowinx is a registered trademark.

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